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A Fine Condition 1973 Plymouth Fury III

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By David Ashton


After 1972, most muscle cars usually drop off in want and value, but if you find one in great condition like this example, you can pick them up for a great price and still have an amazing ride.

This 1973 Plymouth Fury III has 102,885 miles, the original window sticker, maintenance records and even the original licence plate. Not to mention a car that is not far off show condition.

The exterior of the car is in fine shape, with no signs of rust with the only downside being the bottom of the doors to the rear fender being painted from what is said to be a garage accident 20 years ago.
The chrome work is fantastic for its age and for a true survivor this Fury is in great condition it seems, from top to toe.

The black vinyl interior is in just as great shape, with the seats, dash and carpeting not reflecting its 40+ years of age. The vinyl top is also in great condition, which is usually the first to go, but shows someone has looked after this baby over the years.

The engine bay is the only the real downside on this car with a small 318cu. engine which looks like it needs a thorough cleanup. The ad. also says that the car had been sitting for 12 years, so the engine is probably where the most work will be needed here.

It may be a four-door, it may be a ’73 model with only a 318 engine, but for the buy it now price of $4,399.99, you could do a lot worse with your money for an original classic.





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