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How To Find Rare Muscle Cars

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By Mark Weisseg

On one hand you will read or hear that all the great fast muscle cars are found. Everyone of them has been located and known about. The other side of the story is there are still plenty of cars out there somewhere ready to be dragged out.
I vote for number two. I say that because I have a friend with two old Corvettes that have been in his barn for at least twenty years.

One is a 1966 of all things with over two hundred thousand miles on it. Gulp. A few years ago I walked into a shop and tucked in the corner was a 67 Corvette with a 427 engine. It had not been out of that shop since 1977.

So, this is not all about Corvettes but since there are millions of cars all over the world I find it impossible that every fast muscle car has been found. When I hear some expert on TV say that his organization knows where every such and such car is I want to shoot the boob tube. It’s impossible. Discoveries are made all the time.

It’s just that every discovery does not make national news. We all love the barn find but we all know barn finds can be expensive. Maybe not the actual purchase but to rebuild the car is very costly.

I begged my friend to sell me that 66 for years. Begged. Do you know why he won’t sell it to anyone? Of course you don’t. It was his Uncle’s and that old man made him promise to rebuild it and drive it in his honor. Now my friend is in his mid fifties so he better get on with it. Deep in my gut I have a bad feeling he never will. Why? Costs. Once he figures out what it will cost to restore this he may leave it parked. And that my friend is a darn shame.

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