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Find Of The Day: 1991 Ford Mustang Restomod Coyote Swap.

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This 1991 Ford Mustang GT was built to have performance, but more importantly, to be a daily driver with few issues.
As you can read from extensive notes below, much time and money has been put into this ride, making this fox body Mustang probably one of the best you will find a bit era.
Tons of details and a great end product, means this is one to shortlist.

Engine: 5.0 Coyote TIVCT.
Transmission: Manual.
Mileage: 66,000.
Price: US $35,500.00

‘Fox body Coyote swaps are as rare as they are costly to do. It is even rarer to find one for sale. Most are just dropped into a stock engine bay with manual steering. manual brakes and no AC and are not a full build. Even so they usually command a hefty price when sold later. In fact, one just sold for $27k on 9 Feb 16 on Ebay. ‘

‘There are several hundred hours in this car.’
‘his build began with a 1991 Ford Mustang GT Hatchback bought from a shop in California. They had completely stripped the car, smoothed the engine bay, deleted and smoothed the antenna and did any required body work. They then painted it Dodge PS2 silver and even painted it black underneath.’
‘If you are a fox body person you probably noticed this does not look like a normal GT. Personally I am not a fan of the GT ground effects or tail lights with louvers. The Cervini Stalker front end is a beautiful one piece front end that looks like a Saleen style front on steroids. Angular and aggressive the Stalker front gives a unique appearance. Similarly, the stock GT rear bumper looks clunky so I replaced it with a new Cervini Cobra bumper which is much more streamlined and allows the use of LX style exhaust. ‘
‘New Headliner New Carpet New floormats New hatch carpet New door panels New custom leather door inserts New door trim New door seals New stainless locks New custom seats New Taylor rear Battery box New Double Din touchscreen DVD/bluetooth stereo New NRG short steering adapter and steering wheel New NRG quick disconnect steering wheel adapter New shifter seal New Leather shift boot New shifter bezel New 1/4 windows New Hurst billet shifter.’

‘ The 5.0 Coyote motor is the best Mustang motor Ford has ever produced. If you put the same amount of boost on these motors, testing has shown they produce significantly more power than the GT500 motor. Most folks see over 25mpg. These motors are tame while idling around and a beast when you step on the throttle. After doing one Coyote swap I liked it so much decided to swap three of my cars. I replaced a fully built 408w in one car with a stock Coyote and a Boss block twin turbo 331 with and a built and blown Coyote.


The motor in this car came out of a 2013 F150 with 21,000 miles. The valve covers were removed, the motor was inspected and this motor looks brand new. The 5.0 in the Mustang and F150 are virtually the same with a few minor differences. As it now sits the only difference between this motor is half a point lower compression, the addition of an oil to water cooler, and an intake cam with 1mm less lift which is geared towards more torque. All of these differences are welcome changes in my opinion. While I love the naturally aspirated Coyote in my other car it does feel a bit soft down low. With more torque and 3.73 gears this car should pulls much harder. If you plan on boosting at some point, the half point lower compression is very good as it is a guard against detonation and will allow more boost. An oil cooler is something the Boss and F150 motors have but the Mustang GT does not. If you plan on any heavy duty use such as road racing, an oil cooler is a must, and this car has one.

Power by the Hour’s front accessory kit was used to mount the new AC compressor, new power steering pump and new alternator. This kit includes new tensioners and belts as well. A custom lower radiator hose integrates the oil to water cooler lines. Stock Mustang headers were modified with the collector flanges cut off and made into pseudo long tube headers. On a previous swap I used BBK ceramic long tubes but found when it came time for some clutch work the Tremec Bellhousing could not be removed even with the headers loosened. The headers can not be removed with the engine in the car so the entire drivetrain had to be pulled to swap the clutch. The stock Mustang headers are nice stainless pieces with the same size primaries as the BBK long tubes and were extended with mandrel bent stainless 2.5” tubing. Now replacing the clutch doesn’t require removing the entire drivetrain. All the cold air kits you can buy actually put the filter in the driver’s side of the engine bay where it will ingest heated air. I data logged the difference in IAT while driving on another Coyote swap and there is a significant difference in IAT between a JLT intake that draws air from the engine bay and this custom 4” intake that pulls fresh air out from behind the front bumper. Hot air is the enemy of power and can result in detonation. Just as importantly I did not like the look with the filter covering the smoothed fender panels that took so much work to make look nice. The lines of this intake tube matches the slope of the valve cover and it looks much nicer. It is a true 4” aluminum tube with a custom CNC’d MAF sensor mount.

This car has the proven SCT ITSX tuner with a conservative tune by Woodbine Motorsports. The great thing about this tuner is you can connect it wirelessly to your Android/Apple device and display any of the available engine parameters from the OBDII port such as the wideband readouts or you can add or remove timing from the tune. ‘




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