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Find Of The Day: The Unknown TV Star 1966 Dodge Charger Hemi

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BUY NOW 1966 Dodge Charger HEMI CHARGER

Engine: 426 Hemi.
Transmission: Manual.
Mileage: 48,568
Price: US $89,900.00

Here’s the rub with this car.
It is a 1966 Dodge Charger Hemi as featured on Graveyard Carz, Dec 23, 2015, where they said it was a original Special Nascar Edition. If it is or not, is still unclear.
If it is, it is a Special Nascar Program HEMI Chargers for street use that consisted of a special dual plenum induction air cleaner, nascar styled wheels, rear spoiler, special reinforced motor mount and breather cap. Today, none are known to exist, which means that this will be THE holy grail Charger.

However, all this is unverified, so you can only go off the facts presented and that will be the worth of the vehicle. This is reflected in its asking price.

Still, makes you wonder……


1 or 468 Total Produced and 1 of only 250 HEMI 4 Speed cars produced.
One of 254 speed, no. 27 of 42.
Has ‘NASCAR Goodies’ but the history is a mystery.
It could be 1 of 85 special NASCAR program cars, possibly.
Visual inspection by Galen Govier.
One repaint over its lifetime.
The interior is all original, with only a few bolt on parts here and there.





BUY NOW 1966 Dodge Charger HEMI CHARGER

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