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Find Of The Day: 2008 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 1000+RWHP

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By David Ashton

If you want one of the wildest Shelby GT500 out there, this maybe the car for you.

The ad. says the car was built to hit 200 mph in the Texas Mile Challenge, which is did at 202MPH.
Plenty of upgrades it seems, have been added here, such as the Kenne Bell Mammoth Supercharger, major build crank to heads, massive cam, auxiliary coolers for every major component, roll cage, Sparco Race Seats with harnesses and full suspension.

The car can put out 1000HP to the wheels and with a top speed of over 200 mph, this ride is for the serious driver.
The ad also says that to replicate this car would cost over $100,000 and the car has over 10k in just the rear axle and framework alone.
It’s always a little ambiguous when someone says over hundred thousand dollars have been spent, but the asking price is just shy of $40,000. That seems a big loss, which also means the warning lights come on a little for why the car is so cheap.


On the plus side, I do like the cool black and grey flames on the car. Quite subtle and it does bringing some uniqueness to the car body.

The car is currently located in Garland, Texas, so like any vehicle, you will need to check this out in person to see if everything is in order.
If everything does check out on this GT 500, you may just have a winning vehicle on your hands.

Engine 5.4L 32-Valve Supercharged V8
Mileage: 12,982
Interior Charcoal/Crimson
Exterior Vapor Silver Metallic
Price: US $39,995.00




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