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Find Of The Day: 1974 Plymouth Roadrunner, 1 of 280

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Engine: 400ci.
Transmission: Torqueflite automatic
Price: $3950

1974 was a strange year for muscle cars. It was almost like there was a consensus across the board to change the car designs from the sleek and cool of the past 5 – 10 years, reduce power and focus more on luxury vehicles rather than performance. Obviously gas and insurance prices, along with government mandates had a large part to play, but nevertheless, it took many years for the muscle car to rebound.

This doesn’t mean that muscle cars from 1974 onwards have little worth. Just like their predecessors, the rarest options areworth most money. This 1974 Roadrunner is said to be 1 of 280 and has a 1971 G code 400ci. V8 engine. The Torqueflite automatic transmission, still has its clutch pedal mechanism for a 4 speed.

The engine was last started at the beginning of the year and last driven two years ago. The exterior of the car doesn’t show if there is any rust on the panels of the frame, but at least it looks relatively solid from the images provided.

The interior looks like everything is there but will need a good going over and the seats reupholstering.
With the top line P code 400 engine of the time, with manual transmission, power steering and brakes this ride at just under $4000 has enough here to make it a consideration.



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