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Find Of The Day: 1969 Dodge Coronet A12 440 Six Pack

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By David Ashton

Engine: 440 V8
Transmission: Automatic
VIN: WM23M9A256558
Exterior Color: Butterscotch
Current bid: $25,100.00


Everything about this rare 1969 Dodge Coronet A12 M code, 1 Of 661, seems in great shape apart from a bit of a scratch on the front end which I’m sure will buff out eventually. Joking aside, this front-end damage is just painful to look at on such a classic and if it wasn’t for its heritage and rarity, would surely be a write-off in most people’s eyes.

The car apparently hit a metal post and has clearly suffered some major front-end damage. The ad. says that the engine had been pushed back, damage to the shell, scuttle and firewall for starters. the engine does look like it is just about survived, but the front-end, radiator, firewall and even the dash taking a hit will be a major contributing factor to the amount of work here.

The ad. images show mostly the best bits of the car rather than the damaged areas, so you will need to take a trip down to Wylie, Texas to assess this in person to see how much work will be needed to bring this back to shape.

Before the incident this rarity had supposedly been purchased for $82k with another $45k in upgrades…ouch. It’s subjective if it needed so many upgrades but the previous owner wanted to this into a Resto Mod B Body, from the brakes to the numbers matching motor. It even has stuff like a NOS Fogger System, which is a strange choice for such a classic.

With only 1,907 M code Super Bees having been built, this car is obviously worth rescuing and possibly taking all the upgrades back to original condition. Even if you don’t bid yourself on this listing, its worth bookmarking to see what the car eventually sells for.

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