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Find Of The Day: A 1969 Chevrolet Camaro With An Inline 6

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By David Ashton

If you shop around, late 60s Camaros can be seen for sale everywhere, but finding one at the right price is a different matter.
This example is a base model with a quite hard to find in-line six 250 engine and a three speed manual transmission.


Although it is an in-line six engine, this example seems to only have surface rust. It looked very solid and seems to be possibly numbers matching as the ad says, ‘1969 camaro bought new by my friend on 03/03/1969.’
The car was repainted sometime in the 70s, presumably in its original color.

The interior is quite impressive, with the seating and carpeting in very good condition and things like the dash and headliners still in good shape.

If you read the original ad as below, you will see that everything is here to get this Camaro to an almost show condition with not much work. At a current bid of $15,900, with roughly 2 days to go, you could have a great running Camaro on your hands here if you don’t mind having the in-line six engine.


‘ 1969 camaro bought new by my friend on 03/03/1969. I have original title,broadcast sheet, protect o plate, and owners manual.
The car has been garage kept, unfortunately like most all camaros it still got the rusty places, only not nearly as bad as most. All the rusty spots can be repaired and still retain the original sheetmetal. I took Good pics of all the rusted places. I also took good pics of the underneath of the car showing how solid and NOT rusty the floor,trunk,and frame rails are. The car was repainted in the 1970s, the paint is NOT as good as it looks in the pics. The water pump went out and and the car was parked in the garage for years. I have replaced the water pump, but I saved the original one? This is all the negative things. Now for the positive stuff?
The car has 77,000 miles
Has all the original sheetmetal
Has all the original LOF dated glass without any scratches.
All five of original rally wheels,center caps and almost perfect trim rings.
Original jack
Original interior and carpet. The seats, seat belts,door panels,and headliner are perfect. The only thing wrong is one small spot on one of the armrest.
The smog system is still on the car and operating.
All the chrome is very good
Brakes, engine, transmission, reared, exhaust and tires are all good.
Gauges, radio, speedo, lights, work.
Floorboards, trunk, inner and outer rockers are all rock solid

This is not a doctored car to make things appear better than they are, it is just a good solid car that still has everything that came with it and will take minimal work to make it a great cruiser. ‘




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