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Field Find 1969 Oldsmobile Toronado

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This original Oldsmobile Toronado is one of those rare finds at a great price.

Check out the original ad. for details –
‘A rare opportunity to own a genuine survivor – barn find. This car was originally used in manufacturer company service (so says the included window sticker) and was then sold through Tuggle Chevy Olds in Newberry SC. in 1972. It was financed by South Carolina National Bank and the original bank note is also included along with owner’s manual and various other documents. To the best of my knowledge the car was always kept in a garage or under a carport. The original owner seems to have stopped using it sometimes in the early 1980s as I have some registrations and receipts up to that time. The owner was friends with the parents of the second owner’s wife and through them he became aware of the car eventually purchasing it in 1994. At that time the car still ran. The second owner put in a garage with the intention of an eventual restoration. I bought the car in late August (have not yet registered it in my name) with the intent of taking it home to Florida and doing a moderate restoration myself. To avert confusion, although my home is in Florida, I’m working a job here in South Carolina and wife and I are renting a home… so as far as I know the car has always resided here.


Hurricane Hermine swamped our home in Florida destroying our boathouse (felling it on top of the boat), taking down trees, and flooding the downstairs and garage. The aggravation and subsequent expense associated with that has made it impractical for me to follow through on my original plans and that’s the reason I’m selling.

More about the car. The car is completely original. The tires are the original J78/15 size including the spare. The condition of the body is fairly terrific with no more than the lightest surface rust anywhere with the exception of a possible bubble or two under the vinyl top on the driver’s side rear. All of the glass is perfect with no cracks or clouding. The chrome is great – the front bumper looks new. Trunk, doors, and hood are all very solid and operate perfectly. Although I have not attempted to start the engine I did verify it will turn.

As stated earlier, everything is there. The interior is complete – even the little things like the ashtrays and lighters. The original hubcaps are in the trunk along with the jack and tools and are in excellent condition. The car came with $1,493.74 worth of options including power disc brakes, power trunk, signal-seeking radio with rear bi-phonic speaker, a/c, power windows, power seats, and an $83.20 special paint job. There is a laundry list of items that the sticker says are optional on some other models are standard on this car. List price of the car was $6453.79.’




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