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The famed Pontiac GTO

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By Mark Weisseg

Two very different styles and yet one complete love fest. The first GTO is boxy and kind of family like. The second GTO coming out of the barn/garage is the sleek style GTO that represents fast.

Baby boomers you say would gravitate to the sleek style right away. Or do they? The GTO is credited for being the first real sports car with John DeLorean getting full credit. So, the winner is say the 69 and 70 right? Hold your horses my friends the ’65 could be ordered with a 389 engine that delivered 360 hp. The standard engine was a 389 rated at 335 hp. Also you could order a 389 with 3-2 barrel carbs. The 1970 cars came with a 400 and a 455 cubic inch engine. The horsepowers were 350 and 370. So, we know they were close in ratings but the edge I guess would go to another GTO?

The 1968 GTO was Motor Trends car of the year just to throw in some spice. So, my point is this. Whether you buy a ’64 on up to a ’70 GTO you are driving a winner. The GTO name was used up until 2006 with a brief vacation for the Model. The latter models just could not refire the love of the GTO as the earlier models did.

I know I have a favorite among the GTO line and it’s the 1970. I loved the interior, I thought the front bump out was cool, and it was a sleek, fast car that you knew could get up and get going in a hurry. The GTO line does well at auctions and private sales except for the 2004-2006 models.

GM brought them over from Australia thinking they would revive the dying cars name plate. The problem was they were bland, not very fast and did not look like a GTO. Unlike the Mustangs, Camaro and Challengers the GTO just was on life support by that time. Now, its over. Really over. So, that may be why the previous models do so well. Cool looking car that were fast and fun. So, as you rummage around looking for a collector car, look into the old goats as we called them. They were something special.


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