Fake Engines Sounds Being Developed For Future Cars

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Ford are developing a new technology to make fake engine sounds as cars are becoming too quiet.

A recent US Patent and Trademark Office paper outlines a way for ‘generating engine noise’ saying that the engine noise will help with gear changes and more economical driving.
The sound will be pumped into the car, played over internal speakers, with options for which sound you want.

This seems not just an area for electric vehicles, but all the cars we have at the moment.

The Washington Post reported that fake sounds have found their way into “beefy trucks and muscle cars, long revered for their iconic growl”. Which means the technology is currently being used.

If the eventual state of cars on the road will be mostly electric, it’s understandable for artificial engine noise to be used, but to make up for ever quieter engines, we are not so sure.

All we know is to praise the times we live in where we can still enjoy the sound of a healthy V8 at fullbore.
You never know, kids of tomorrow may only be able to hear this sound via a recording.

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