Door Ding Protection For Muscle Cars

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By Dave Ashton

Anything that can keep your cherished car away from any types of dings or scratches is a good thing, right? This product from DentGoalie seems to be a lengthy magnetized rubber strip which you can run down the side of your car and protect the sides of the car from small impacts.

Its presumably designed to stop other vehicles opening their door onto your precious vehicle or anything that may run down the side of your car inadvertently to cause scratches. The magnetic strips are said to be kind to your car making the product easily installed and removed.

However, is it everything it says it will do and will it work in real life? At first I thought if it is to be installed in a public place, anybody could come along and steal the thing. But the product has a security cord attached to it which runs into the car, stopping it being stolen. I have to think what if the product comes off the car in some way, maybe pulled off in a public place and just hangs there by the security cord. Could its flapping around cause more damage than nothing being there at all? I can also see a scenario of somebody installing this on the passenger side, forgetting it’s on and zoomed off with it flapping in the wind. I’m playing devil’s advocate here, but magnetism wise, it has to be strong enough to stick to the car, but easy enough to peel off and not cause damage.

It’s also one long strips which means it has to be removed before anyone can get back in the car. Maybe not a problem but I think the real world practicalities are that most people may find this product too much hassle to keep installing on and off on a daily basis or for quick trips. It may make more sense if a vehicle is parked up some time. I can see this working if you park your car on the drive and have kids constantly brushing up against your car.  Maybe in a garage when you’re short on space and need to constantly move up and down the side of the car.

The idea is a good one and could stop your valuable car being dented or scratched in certain situations, but I’m not sure how well it will work on a daily basis to and from destinations.

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