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Is the Dodge Viper Outdated?

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By Dave Ashton

This is more of a reaction to this article on about spotting a purple Viper, commenting on its amazing looks and the reason for its rarity is that the Dodge Viper is now unpopular.

The reason for this is not its looks, but the outdated powertrain. A 8.4L V10, originally intended to attract old school muscle car enthusiasts, but seems outdated in 2016.
Maybe, maybe not.

Rumours are such that the Dodge Viper’s run may end soon, but it won’t go out without a bang.
Track conversions like the ACR, the GTS-R and the Copperhead still give that raw driving sensation and the car was never intended to be mass produced to the extent of other vehicles, but is the article right saying such a huge engine is now antiquated?

Obviously, something has to be done to give the Viper a new lease of life. We are not talking about an eco. engine or some small 2 litre, turbo boosted thing, but possibly a happy medium.
The success of the Mustang shows that a 500 hp car is still popular, with a smaller engine than the Vipers. The Camaro, Dodge Challenger and Charger are proving people still want huge horsepower. So where will the Viper fit in?
To be honest, we’re not sure and I don’t think Dodge are either.

A magnificent beast like the Dodge Viper needs to be kept around, but it needs to be looking forward, so maybe the article is right and the game changer is addressing that powertrain that fit horsepower needs in a smaller unit.
Maybe a Viper Hellcat?

What do you guys think?

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