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Dodge Tease EV Muscle Car For 2024

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By Dave Ashton

It’s now official. Dodge will release some form of electric muscle car in 2024.
Dodge kept their latest news low-key until announcement day. But that didn’t stop everyone from trying to second guess all the whys and wherefores.

Most predicted some form of roadmap for electric muscle cars moving forward, and they were mostly correct. Stellantis, the parent company to Dodge, labeled their announcements under the heading ‘EV Day.’ All the information was presented by Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis, accompanied by a bunch of teaser videos(see below), and the seismic news of the first electric muscle car in 2024.

What We Do Know…

While the information in the presentation was sparse, easter eggs abound. There may be four different EV platforms, with one being assigned to future Dodge muscle cars. There are also two new slogans, ‘Dodge will not sell electric cars, it will sell eMuscle,’ and ‘Tear up the streets…Not the planet.’

The comment by Tim Kuniskis, ‘charger making a Charger quicker’ was also quite revealing. A 1968 Hemi Charger accompanied this stage of the presentation with what looks like the outlines of a mid-nineteen sixties Dodge Charger, for the future design. This gently points out the Charger being the possible first all-electric eMuscle car. All four wheels are spinning on the teased concept car in the video, implying four-wheel drive.

The presentation also revealed that RAM will get a full-electric battery makeover by 2024. At this point, the predictions are that low emission vehicles will make up 40% of US sales by 2030. These vehicles could also include hybrids and plug-in hybrids, along with fully electric vehicles.

Something Electric Is Coming Our Way…

Most muscle car fans have been speculating how Dodge will enter the electric vehicle arms race. The previous parent company of Dodge, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), had no official roadmap for electrification. However, in the new hands of Stellantis, it now seems full steam ahead, just without the steam.

Tim Kuniskis said, “we are reaching a practical limit of what we can squeeze from internal-combustion innovation,” which could imply future muscle cars being even more powerful than the Dodge Demon. But the latest news also echoes the fact that Dodge doesn’t want to be left behind in what will be the next chapter of the muscle car story.

As with other industries that went through a monumental change in technology, it’s better to flow with the changes. The camera industry going from film to digital has plenty of examples of those that weathered the changes, and those that didn’t.

The feedback…

Change is inevitable, but large changes are always uncomfortable. The move from V8 power to electric motors is going to have mixed blessings across the board.

Sifting through some of the comments from other news outlets, many are still firmly on the side of ICE engines. Some say a fast hybrid would be a better option. Others see the way this is all going and are just waiting for the final results.

One thing’s for sure, Dodge isn’t going to produce a wimpy, around town, grocery-getter vehicle. Be it some form of Charger or Challenger, the first all-electric muscle car should be ridiculously powerful. We have a few years to wait, but the end results are sure to impress.


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