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Dodge To Release The Hadron Hemi Hover Hellcat in 2020.

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If reports are correct, Dodge could have invented the future of cars and the solution to the energy crisis in one vehicle.

The Dodge Hadron Hemi Hover Hellcat is a joint effort between the Dodge motor company and CERN in Switzerland, who made the Hadron Collider (the huge particle accelerator.)

The car uses the Hadron technology to give lift to the car from the huge magnetic field it generates and the particle acceleration is used to accelerate the car forward.
The head of Dodge stated, ‘we built one of these collider things in Texas a few years ago, but the Europeans sulked, so we let them build one, as long as we could use the technology in the future in one of our engines.’ ‘The benefits to us is that we get an endless supply of Cuckoo clocks and Swiss Army knives.’

As you can see, the supercollider works with the ubiquitous Hellcat engine and can produce 200,000HP of thrust, with enough magnetic energy to make the car hover for weeks at a time.
Just plug the car in a night, recharge and you’re good to go.


The Head of Dodge also stated, ‘we think this is the future of car technology. That’s if it doesn’t create a big black hole and suck the planet and all of us into it.’

Hover car, endless energy and the most powerful muscle car ever built. That’s the Hadron Hemi Hellcat way.

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