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The Dodge Charger x 3

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By Mark Weisseg

Remember that really cool rock group from the 1970’s called Foreigner? I loved that song, ” I wanna know what love is” except I never thought about the payments. Anyway I saw this triple action photo shoot of the famed Dodge Chargers. You recall, the days before four doors eh? It wasn’t dumb luck the 68, 69, and 70 were the best built and most widely acclaimed for years. In some circles they still are.

So, this is the fun part. Which one would you choose if you won them in a contest? Door number one, two or three? Just like the old TV show, Let’s make a deal you must choose.

Now, I know the game show has been rehashed and the host does a great job. But, I liked Monty Hall when he would talk some poor women out of five hundred bucks in her hand for door number two. The door would slide open and of course there would be a donkey with a bale of hay next to it. The audience would groan and the embarrassed lady would sit down and be shunned for days. You gave up an easy five hundred bucks for a jackass? That would be the question at the PTA meeting next month. And she would tell the disbelievers she was sure it was a new car or a boat behind that door. Of course the TV show really did not make her take the jackass home but gave her a consolation prize to soften the pain.

But, when it comes to the Chargers you are not going to lose. Especially today. These buggers are bringing in big money. Clean, restored ones can be seen from 60k to just about 100k if there is a Hemi under the hood.

So, if you have one, treasure it. If you can afford one now, do it. If you see a barn find, buy it. Because if you do not act fast you will get what’s behind door number two. So, if you want to know what love really is – buy one of these Chargers.

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