Dodge Challenger Hellcat In Feeway Chase

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By Dave Ashton

This video shows a reportedly stolen Dodge Challenger Hellcat (the report says a Charger) being involved in a high-speed police chase in Jefferson County, Texas, beginning in Houston and going through Harris County, Chambers County and toward Jefferson County. After blasting down the freeways, the car reportedly ran out of gas and the driver tried to escape on foot but was eventually apprehended by local law enforcement. Thankfully, nobody was hurt in the scenario, with no vehicle collisions along the way.

Mopar fans may be completely dismayed at seeing a Hellcat being the centre of attention in this setting and obviously we do not condone any behaviour like this, especially in a vehicle that can drink fuel faster than a swimming pool with a huge hole in it as a getaway vehicle. The news reports don’t give any other details about the reasons for the theft, but any car chase these days is really not going to end very well for the person who took the vehicle, no matter what they are driving.

Basically, it’s not the 1930s where a vehicle could drive down some backstreets to get away and nobody saw anything. This chase had multiple helicopters, pursuing vehicles and according to the report the car had a tracker. On top of that the news commentator says that the car could be cruising around 110 mph, which is something that is going to alert local law enforcement very quickly. In other words, the car might as well have had a big neon sign on the top from the start saying, ‘check out my stolen car.’

Like some of the comments have already stated, this is going to bring a little negativity to cars like the Charger and Challenger and possibly why 707hp is excessive these days. Like most things in life, in the wrong hands a car can be put to a negative use.

If the guy had any fore-thought he would have taken a Honda Civic and drove it straight to the junkyard, saying that he was conducting a public service, which he would have been praised for……….
We just hope the Hellcat got back to its original owner unscathed.

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