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Detroit Muscle Book Review

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By Mark Weisseg

Friends, if you desire to understand the roots of Detroit Muscle I have the book for you.
It was written by Charles Morris and is for sale by our friends at CarTech. The book is 191 pages stuffed with short, informational stories about Detroit Muscle. For example the author begins with how and why Chevrolet moved away from the always reliable Stovebolt engine to the small block. Who would have thought all these years later that small block would still be around?

This book starts out at the beginning in the 1950’s and runs the reader to the current day. It’s all here for you to stroll back down memory lane. Pontiac, Buick, Oldsmobile, Ford, Plymouth and so on.  The journey the author takes you on is a pleasant one. I mean how many people today can tell you about the Rocket 88 and that is just for starters. You will journey back to the birth of the American Hot Rod. The Hot Rods that are still being celebrated across the world. This is where it all began.

I must admit I was hooked on the mid to late sixties engines. It was a time we will never see again. The Detroit three were all trying to one up another and the winner was you and I. What a time to be alive and drive some the meanest cars on the planet. The author kind of wraps it all up to the present day.

We all know the early seventy cars started the decline in Detroit for reasons we all know. But, there is life again as we know it. Once again the so called big three are making monster engines to roam our highways. But today we have horsepower and safety.

I will tell all of you the honest truth as always. This is a great book to read and read again. For most of us the stories will bring back a good memory we tucked away.  The Detroit Muscle is back and in the future someone will write a book about the rebirth of Muscle. But, as a child of yesteryear I can say I lived in that era, Detroit builders were tinkering with all kinds of ways to push you back into your seat. I know you all have that memory bank as I do. For younger readers who did not live through that wonderful time the book provides the path for them to better understand why we are Muscle heads.

Go here and order your book. You will be amazed at the color pictures, short stories and the honest to goodness facts. So, calling all gear heads I highly recommend this read. It’s another cool book to add to your collection. Facts, short stories, pictures, all in a hard cover book. Too cool! Long live Detroit Muscle as it once again rises like a Phoenix.

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