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By Mark Weisseg

Boy am I going to get hate mail on this but if you will indulge me….
I saw this picture and thought maybe my glasses were dirty. Did I just see a very cool hot rod of the 1960’s painted plum crazy? I did see it. I cleaned my glasses and put in artificial tears in my eyes and looked closer. Then my stomach went plop. Someone jacked this car up, dropped in some sort of monster engine and decided this was a great idea.

Now, most of us live in free countries. Free speech, liberties, and the ability to have fun as long as you don’t break the law. So, whomever was or is responsible for this car has that right to do so. But with that right comes issues. The first issue is if you post something on the internet you open yourself to praises or criticisms. If you get praises you can be a bigger person and think you are special.

If people hate your postings you better have thick skin or you will drive yourself insane. This is a criticism. I hate this car. I hate what someone did to that beautiful car and I wish it were to go away. Why? Well, it’s very ugly. These Plymouths and Dodge cars of this era are very well sought after. If you find one with a 383, a 426, or a 440 engine the car gets very pricy. Ones with a 318 or a 225 slant six are cool but not on the buyers list unless they intend on a engine swap. But for someone to jack up this car like a four wheel drive truck goes far past the normal post. Yes, I know the owner has the right to do so. We covered that. But I have the right to trash it too. Normally when I see a car at a show that is terribly wrong I look at it, look at the owner and walk away. It’s better that way. Leave kooks alone or they might reproduce.

This car is different. It had everything going for it. Great color, great top, bad mother engine, cool tire and wheel package, and then someone went off the rails. Someone decided it would be cool to take a classic car and raise it up like a four wheel drive truck. Should the car now be featured on Truck magazines and four wheeler Tee Vee shows? Or, is the owner looking for attention?

If so, he or she should go to the nearest circus and try swallowing swords. Now the younger generation will think it’s cool because being young also makes you decide really poorly on many things. I know. I was young once and make really bad decisions. Now as a ancient symbol I choose my wine more carefully and smoke only the finest cigars. No more Dutch masters. I get the sense the older generation hate this car too. Why? Well, they see a classic destroyed. When you are young you drink cheap wine, smoke anything that will burn, race around like a baboon and usually get in big trouble. That is why we normally keep young people in check.

By now old people usually have seen it all, did it all and regret most of it. Someday the owner will sell this rag and after it is gone awhile realize how stupid he was. The new owner will lower it back to normal and have one of the coolest 60’s rides around. I would love to own one of these models. But, I would rather be lit on fire, have the jungle fever, and bugs crawling all over my body before ever riding in this car as it sits. Car show season is upon us snow birds. Not snow flakes, snow birds. I know without a doubt some young guy will show up with something like this.

After the first week of two the novelty will wear off and the owner will have regrets. On the other side I am sure some old cranky guy like me bought something over the winter and cannot wait to show it to the masses. And week in and week out the car show attendees will look at it with loving eyes. Ready to go everyone? I certainly have been ready and have spoken to many other old cranky guys counting the hours to show off our fast muscle cars. Not, purple jacked up weird cars. Ok, start sending the hate mail.

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