Could Ford Be Building A Mustang Hybrid Called Mach 1?

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By Dave Ashton

We have talked a few times about the future of pony and muscle cars and the implications for the mighty V8 engine. A recent promotional video by Ford which you can see below may give some teaser footage as to what is to come next from the company. Possibly in the form of a hybrid or fully electric vehicle.

Right in the middle of the video you see a neon blue grille, which quickly reveals a neon colored V8 engine. The imagery is accompanied by the words, ‘..building like we have for the last 115 years and building for the next century.’ The video then cuts for a brief second to the front end of what looks like a Mustang without its huge grille, but featuring a neon blue Mustang logo. I’ve ramped up the brightness in the screenshot below, and you can clearly see Mustang like headlights, but a very Tesla-like grille. Hmmm, is this the first of Ford’s concept hybrids or fully electrics for the Mustang?

The video then shows an automated factory, a smart phone with a ‘Ford Pass’ logo, a vehicle with sensors on the roof and then a top-down view of three vehicles being shown sensing their environment. All very future tech. like and something that you would currently associate with electric vehicle tech. With a promo video called ‘The Future is Built’ this is more than likely the start of a long line of teaser videos until the vehicle is fully revealed.

The video also shows an original Mach 1 before the above footage. It could be Ford just throwing in some stock vintage footage as it was needed or it could be an indication of what the new car will be named.

A seventh generation Mustang is due in 2021 and will possibly use the modular platform of the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator.

If this vehicle is going to be fully electric, its going to be an interesting proposition from Ford. It can’t be the equivalent of a Tesla with a Mustang badge slapped on front, it has to be more than that. How to appeal to existing V8 Mustang owners and the next generation who will grow up with electric vehicles will be a fine balancing act.

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