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The Corvette Rear end: One Of The Best In The Business.

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By Mark Weisseg

This Corvette has to be one of the best looking rear ends ever made. Vettes in general, have always had great designs for the rear of their cars. The smooth, sloping lines could not have been sculpted any better.

Being born in ’63 does not make her too old to be loved. Look at her lines, as they flow beautifully toward you. There’s a hint of suggestive power in her and that makes you want more. So, now that I feel I am writing for one of those romance novels I better get off the train and make my point.

This Corvette was a one year wonder. We all heard there was infighting regarding the split window and why it only lasted one year.
I have seen this small block better known as the 327 engine sell for 65k to 90k in great condition. The big block or the 427 with a 4 speed rockets past that if it too is in great shape. I have a good friend who has a 63, 66, and 67, all in top shape.
At a recent show there was a guy all by himself that kept coming over to the ’67 and he would study the car for long periods of time, leave and go elsewhere and then return and do the same thing. My friend said the guy looked odd and he was watching him closely. Finally, after the third time my friend just went over to the guy and asked him what the heck he was doing. The guys answer was very simple. He said he just loved the rear of the car and could not get it out of his head. It turned out the guy like us was slobbering over the styling cues. That ’67 is just that nice but I tell my friend all the time to bring his 63. For me, that one year split window is the king and it is now over my head in pricing unless something crazy happens in my life.

The modern ‘Vette has followed on the tradition, looking fantastic from the rear and here you can see where the inspiration first started.

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