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Continuation Shelby 1967 GT500 Super Snake Unveiled And Roadster

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By Dave Ashton

A legend is being revived by Shelby America in the form of the 1967 Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake, with a limited run of 10 examples. Also, a lightweight 2 roadster is being developed with 800 horsepower.

The Original Super Snake was originally conceived in 1967, which borrowed the big-block 427ci. V8 with 520Hp from the Ford GT40 Mk II. Other racing upgrades included heavy-duty front disc brakes, Detroit Locker rear end and rear traction bars.

The new continuation models will be built from original donor 1967 Mustang models. Customers have the option of providing their own Shelby GT500 for the conversion. Prices will start at start at $249,995.

The Series 2 roadster will be a completely new model as a collaboration between Shelby and Wingard Motorsports. The new vehicle will have a lighter body than the 2,850-pound Series 1, a Shelby 427 FE V8 or 427 Windsor motor with over 800 hp, through a a five-speed ZF tran saxle torque.


Built on a aluminum honeycomb monocoque frame and uses an inboard cantilevered front and rear suspension, six-piston caliper brakes and custom 19-inch monoblock performance wheels. Each vehicle will be a custom build with carbon fiber seats and aluminium body, in brushed, polished or painted finish, along with Shelby racing stripes. Each Series 2 will also come with a weekend training session at Spring Mountain Raceway, Las Vegas.

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