Complaining About Gas Prices

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By Mark Weiseeg

I saw this on the internet yesterday and just had to share it. Now I know everything is relative to our wages but this chart was a friendly reminder for all of us. That is “us” in the fast muscle car world.

We all know it takes determination,money and lots of patience to get anything in life. Now I am not complaining because here we are in 2016 and I am paying $ 2.30 for a gallon of Gasoline. If you look at inflation rates from 1957 until now it’s a bargain.

Considering where the gasoline comes from and how hard it is to find, drill and ship to my neighborhood it is a bargain. I just bought a gallon of two percent milk today for $3.99. Thank goodness the muscle car does not run on milk. Thankfully in the United States someone who controls what we pay for the fuel figured out there is a breaking point. It’s ok to charge four bucks for a cow’s milk but if I need to pay four bucks for gas, it hits the fan.

Of course we painted a room in the house recently and that quality paint was over fifty bucks a gallon. Go figure. If I wheeled into the self serve gas station and the pump price was fifty bucks a gallon I would drop over. But for paint it’s alright? Go figure?

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