How To Clean Your Muscle Car

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By Mark Weisseg

Well, we all know by now not to do burnouts leaving car shows even though it still goes on. We know Chargers and Challengers with the Hellcat engines go fast in a straight line. We know Camaro people are jealous of the Mustang sales numbers and we know rice burner cars do not belong here.

But what I found out over the weekend was that some lazy muscle car people are taking their high performance cars through the car wash. Not just the ones where you get out and watch the car go through each phase with blinking lights. But, yes, even the car washes where the high pressure non brushless that make circles around your car.

Don’t do it…
If you read your owners manual there is a section in the 300 page book that states not to ever take your car into one of these washes.
Now, I am not saying this about the base Mustang/Camaro/ Challenger etc. But, when you have spoilers, air dams, fancy specially coated wheels and so on, you DO NOT want to take your very expensive car anywhere near a commercial car wash.

High pressure from the water jets will do damage. Bad damage. Remember the sign when you go wheeling in there. They are not responsible for ANYTHING.
Don’t even use your garden hose at home folks do not get up close and spray the car with a tight spray jet. You will loosen stripe kits and so on.

Most of us use waterless washer kits on our cars. Yes, it’s a lot of work but once you are done it is easy to keep the car clean. California type brushes for the dust and bottles of spray to wash and add a thin layer of wax is the norm.

Wheels are another animal. Maybe you found that great wheel cleaner that you spray on and hose off. Or, you must wipe the wheels with a micro fiber cloth. Either way, no high pressure water gadgets like a home style pressure washer or at your local quarters only spray wash. Gadzooks my friends. This is you other baby.

Treat it accordingly. You would not take a real baby out in the driveway and use a high pressure hose to clean off the doo doo would you? Jeepers no! These are very expensive cars that require special care.

If you check out’s forum  they recommend a ‘waterless wash’ for your prized muscle car. This is because soaking the car gets water into places you cannot dry and that can potentially cause rust issues.

Cleaning your car the ‘waterless wash’ way, takes more time, effort and expense, but you will have the peace of mind that your car is completely cleaned and protected without possibly causing rust down the road.

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