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By Mark Weisseg

We all love barn finds and garage finds. I do, as I feel I have found lost treasure.
I love old trucks, but most of the older trucks really got worked over. Back in the day the trucks were pure work trucks. Not like today when someone buys a 2015 four door truck with all the bells and whistles. That “work” truck could be $60K and will likely never go off road or be worked like the days of old.
I can tell you I would never beat a brand new truck knowing that 60K was being slowly destroyed. The most I would haul would be a two by four. People like these trucks as they sit up higher, do offer four wheel drive and of course have options for hauling. I saw one with a bumper sticker recently that stated, ” No, I won’t help you move”. Very true as when you own a truck you gain new friends all the time.

With regards to a barn/garage find, they are out there to this day in big numbers but speaking first hand, you will also have issues you didn’t have if you saved a ’66 Dodge Dart. Just know that a truck was more than likely worked hard, so you may have more to repair or change than the average car restoration.
It’s all about choices and today you can rebuild your new found truck with a monster crate engine, wild paint job and an interior that is cushy enough to be in the house.

Mine came from a real farm in North Dakota. It worked hard everyday and was treated like a truck. The truck saw hard work, was left in a field, had bales of hay thrown on it, pulled a loaded trailer, used to pull dead trees out of the ground and so on. I knew my truck was a real working truck, but I take joy in that today it does not apply. It was rebuilt with love and to honor the hard working American farmer.
I am proud of its heritage and make no bones about what the truck once was. I left the patina and in my story board I make mention that a barn find truck is a gift. I picture a hard working farmer using the truck to make money to feed his family. It was worked hard and earned its keep. So, in conclusion go look for a classic truck and make it your own. It’s only original once and I hope you cherish the heritage of our classic trucks.

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