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Classic Spotting: A Beautiful 1931 Ford Model A

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By Mark Weisseg

Sure enough, I stopped on I 90 to stretch my legs after a long ride, get some grub and to my amazement, this beauty turned up.

This beautiful 31 Ford Model A was in the lot where I parked. Now, I have been at this famous Angola rest stop many times before and it seems I always see something of value.
Last year it was a cool Chevy from the fifties. This year, a sweet ’31 Ford Model A from the Long Island Model A club.

The car was awe inspiring. Not a scratch on it. So nice many of the other rest stoppers came over and posed for pictures with it. I was parked right behind it and many asked if it was mine.

Anyway, hats off to the owner whomever that was because the car was perfect. One could see many hours were put into this restoration. I had one thought however. It was so nice I wish they would have used an enclosed trailer for their sakes. Yes, we would not have seen a prime example of a model A but, it would eliminate bugs, stone chips and other flying debris. Regardless, it made me pine for my own 1928 to be finished. I hope to drive it by mid August ( way behind schedule) but I would love to drive it this year. My ultimate goal is to get my 94 year old mother in it before she slips any further. Mine is black with red wheels and is as stock as we could have made it. We had one issue with ethanol based fuels already and we learned from it. See, when the government tries to help a situation they generally screw it up and here is a prime example. Anyway, I wanted to share my good luck with you and hope you will send us photos of your highway discoveries.


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