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Classic Muscle Car Rear Ends

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By mark Weisseg

I picked this Mustang as the poster child of a classic muscle car rear end. What would you choose?

Is the rear of the car really that important? You cannot see it. When the latest Corvette was rolled out many people disliked the taillights. There said they looked like GM stole them off a Camaro or a Cobalt. The GM people were shocked. What’s the big deal? You cannot see them and they will grow on you. Yes, like red ants on a hot summer day in Georgia maybe.

So, is the ass end that important? Remember the Mercury Cougars with the long blinking taillights? Or the ’59 Caddy with the bullet lamps? How many others can you recall that really made you stop and look at them. Even the sweeping fins of an old Impala.

I just saw a new Caddy Escalade and the taillights are vertical and about four feet long each. They must be LED bulbs because they are blinding red. But we look at a rear end to tell the difference. At least that is what was a norm. For example, a 70 Road Runner has long rear lenses. The 69 has two squares. Easy to know the year. How about a ’66 Chevelle versus a 67 Chevelle? Easy, the 67 lenses wrap around more. You can fill in more examples.

Now, people are taking the classic hot rods and installing LED bulbs in them for a brighter light. There is a huge difference when you are done. Then, we all deal with the dreaded third brake light as they have become known as. At first they were placed in bad spots. They looks out of place but as usual the government knew what was best for you. Grunt grunt. Today they still are on our new cars but they look much better.

Should you add a third brake light on your classic? Should you install LED lights where the old 1157 Wagner bulb was? Should you go to h e double hockey sticks for doing so? Only you know what’s best for your ride of course. So, make a decision that best suits your desires.

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