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Checking Out The Old Gas Pumps

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By Mark Weisseg

Many people collect old gas pumps. I understand that and when I saw these pictures I had to add my two cents.
Collecting gas pumps is fun, takes a lot of room and can be expensive, but the results are so worth it.

Especially if you want the real old type where the gas can be seen above the pump. I do know a older guy who lives by me that collects all old service station items. He has pumps in his garage, and in the house. Walk in the front door and you walk right into a ten foot tall pump. Cool.

Good money.
Folks, there is good money in gas pumps and air meters if you can locate them. A lot of farmers had pumps on the farm property in order to fill up the tractor or truck on site. That is where you will find the old ones today.
Restored gas pumps are big bucks. I tried to buy a Eco Meter air machine recently at an auction and I stopped bidding at one thousand bucks. It sold for thirteen hundred dollars later. So, it’s no laughing matter. Old oil cans are big money too especially if they are full.

Wiper blade boxes that used to sit near the gas pumps are doing a good business. Fire alarms and police call boxes are big money. Old wooden telephones are very expensive. Anything old and authentic is bringing in good money these days. The antique automobile items are very strong right now.

Collectors from all over the world are searching high and low for items they like to have in a man cave or just be a flipper. So, if you see items like what is pictured here do what you can to obtain them.

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