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By Dave Ashton

We have spoken about Mustang conversions to all electric in the past with the Bloodshed Motors Zombie 222. Now it’s the turn of British outfit Charge with a rather special build. The Mustang in question isn’t just an engine swap but a completely customised vehicle.

The main focus of the vehicle as a powertrain built by Arrival, which can be rearwheel or all wheel drive. This produces 402HP and 885(7500 Nm) pound-feet of torque, giving 0-62 mph in 3.1 seconds and a 124 mile(200km) range per charge. You can quickly capture from the video a central touchscreen for dialling in the different driving modes, which seem to range from Eco, Sport and Ultimate. Also, a bunch of other options such as the suspension height, rearwheel drive or all wheel drive and presumably an infotainment system. Clearly, the car is being aimed at the more luxurious end of the market, being more like a Tesla Model S with its technology, while being wrapped around a customised vintage muscle car design.

The mixture of both vintage and cutting-edge technology blends very well. The LED headlights and futuristic looking grille, give the Mustang lines a hint of the technology within. Checking out the website states only 499 of these Mustangs will be built. So it will be interesting to see if the company move on to other vehicles in the future or offer the electric system as a retrofit for other types of vehicles.

The choice of the Mustang is also quite commendable, as the website states that they have worked with Williams F1, McLaren Automotive and Jaguar Land Rover. Meaning that they could have used any of these other vehicles, obviously opting for an American pony car instead. The prices start at £200,000 ($256,518.80) or if you wait until England push through Brexit and leave the European Union that might be more like $1,000…ahem.

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