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Car Talk: Road Accidents Are Nothing New.

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By Mark Weisseg

I know you are going to scan the picture first and try to identify all the vehicles in the picture. I did.
Clearly it is an old photograph of a Thunderbird that met an untimely death. Gee, I can hear all of you saying you wish you had that car or that truck in the picture today. I can tell you what you do not want however from the picture. The accident.

I was one of the lucky millions that traveled over the holiday weekend. Big time traffic and of course road construction. The fifth season as we call it here. But, this trip instead of dreaming I was on a beach somewhere in the South Pacific, I tuned into another wave length in my pea sized brain. Thus the four and a half hour trip would be interesting as I focused on distracted drivers. Now, you could say I was one of them by thinking about that rather than the rules of the road but I will say, ” nice try”.
What did I see on my trip to and from? First the obvious. Drivers talking on the cell phone. Texting while driving – all age groups, one driver eating a big hamburger with one hand, the other holding a cell phone and his knees steering along a long highway. One driver with two little dogs on his lap while driving, and finally the make up artist as she drives. For the most aggravating item other than what I listed an old man driving his Honda CR-V in the left lane doing maybe sixty miles an hour. The speed limit was 70 and everyone was whipping around this old fool and nearly causing more havoc. The old man seemed oblivious to why everyone was flipping him off, yelling at him and then passing and cutting him off. He had a line of cars at least twenty deep trying to find a way around the left lane Larry. Driver re education might be the answer, maybe.

Every year many high schools across the nation bring in a badly wrecked car and tell a horrible tale of woe due to drunk driving or distracted driving and every year a young person dies from one of the two. But, the so called adults are worse yet. For some reason adults now think the only way to drive is to talk while you are doing so. And, there is no hope at all for the boob that puts a dog on his or her lap while driving. Folks, this is serious stuff.

In my life I have driven nearly everything. Cars, bikes, big rigs, go carts, slow cars, fast cars and things in between. And, I have been in minor accidents as well. But, as a family we lost a cherished family member years ago in a car accident and I bear witness to what nobody wants to see. I am begging you to hang up, put you Cake on later, put the darn dogs in a crate, and focus on driving. Get in the right lane and stay there.

You see car accidents have happened and will happen as long as we have cars. From the most powerful to our future automated vehicles. So do the most you can to avoid your own accidents by having full attention on the road.
A biker once told me that you ride a bike like you are invisible and no one can see you. That’s how much attention you must pay to other road users and everything around you. It should be the same in a car.

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