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Car Choices: We Have Never Had it So Good.

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By Mark Weisseg

Ok, you stroll into your favorite pub or watering hole and ask for Bud Lite. We don’t have Bud lite. Ok, Miller Lite. Nope, ok, PBR? No. Ok, what do you have? Coors Lite. But, I don’t like Coors lite. Tough. It’s like the old Saturday night live show that featured Cheeseburgers and Pepsi. No Coke.

It’s maddening when you are the one ordering something that it is not available. However, I thought how lucky we are to have so many choices in this country, especially with our beloved cars.
It’s fun to argue what the best car is and how it’s going to kick your ass. But, let’s hit the way back machine button on the memory. Not that long ago countries like Russia had a choice of about two to three cars. If, you could afford one. Look at the island paradise of Cuba. Cars from the 50’s are everywhere. We see pictures from Cuba and marvel at how these old cars are still driving in the streets but in reality in a sad situation. When your people work by candle light in a hidden garage to make a old car or truck into a flotation device – something is wrong.
Countries like India still move around on Jackasses, elephants, scooters, tiny cars, crowded buses and bikes while we enjoy dozens and dozens of vehicles from all over the world.
Our country is very young compared to most of the world but we are light years ahead from all of them in transportation sans rail traffic. We were number one for years in that arena but let it slip away as we bought more cars. Bad mistake as Europe has the best rail system going hands down.

So, we argue about my Camaro is better than your Mustang and I can get from zero to sixty in three seconds, but be aware of the rest of the planet.
Can you imagine going to a donkey cruise or a jackass show these days? Bragging rights would be my Donkey craps more than yours rather than my Nova can smoke your Torino. We laugh but it’s serious.
The amount of jobs created all over the world by our demand are better, producing every more efficient cars and trucks. Not who has a bigger shovel for the latest crap dumped by my donkey.
I still find it daunting when you go as a tourist to another city and you take a horse drawn carriage ride through historic streets. We forget you can only go say twenty miles if you are lucky before the horse needs food, water and rest. We are allowed to jump in our cars in New York City and drive to San Jose, California if we so desire. We live in a free land and knowing you can go to an airport and fly almost anywhere and come back is a prime example. As I look toward another car crazy show season I will reflect upon this when someone says there Chevelle will run circles around my car. I will smile and thank who ever is responsible for my luck in being born in this country. So, go forth my friends and begin bickering over who has the better car. It beats scooping up a yard of donkey dung any day of the week.

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