Buying The Cheapest, Used Dodge Challenger Hellcat?

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Given that the Dodge Challenger Hellcat now has a few years under its belt, second-hand examples are popping up all the time. Buying any used vehicle of any kind has the same basic checklist, but the main draw of a used Hellcat is that you’re getting near supercar power for a fraction of the money. That’s a 707hp 6.2 L V8 engine.

So, this review starts with a Hellcat being picked up for $44,000 with a manual transmission and 34,000 miles on the clock, still under warranty. The good thing here is that the review is done over a six-month period which gives you an insight into some of the aches and pains, which usually come as standard with a high-performance vehicle and its maintenance. The long time period of testing is great as it gives you an idea of what things to look out for on a daily basis and potential, problematic areas, especially those particular to the Hellcat.

Case in point with the transmission. Should you buy a manual or automatic? The automatic is said to have a rev. limiter to 4,000rpm, but the manual can be pushed harder in each gear and has the same basic transmission setup as the Viper but in this a heavier vehicle. The results aren’t conclusive to which one is better, but more that you can push a manual transmission harder, but doing so, the clutch may not last as long.

The question – is it worth buying a used Dodge Challenger Hellcat? It’s a Hellcat, of course it is, but there are always caveats when you own a performance vehicle and especially a used one. However, the bottom line is you’re getting loads of power and performance for your money and that’s what really counts here.

You really need to check out the full length of the video and see if a Hellcat is the right way to go for you.

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