Buy a Fully Prepped Ex-BTCC Ford Mondeo for Pennies on the Dollar

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The Ford Mondeo was a staple of Ford’s European car output. Prodrive were commissioned to build a vehicles to win the British Touring Car Championship, which eventually took the top three places.

It is now possible to buy one at Silverstone auctions which is expected to bring in roughly
£90,000-110,000 ($116,000-142,000) for the car.

But what has this got to do with muscle cars or cars in the US or beyond?
If you have heard or not, the UK is looking likely to leave the European Union. The pound has already fallen sharply against the dollar, the lowest since the mid-80’s. Great news for the dollar and America, not so much for the UK.

This essentially means that if the pound continues to drop, you should keep an eye out for British vehicles and even for some of the muscle cars for sale in the UK.

This will obviously benefit the higher pricetag vehicles, but it still doesn’t rule out getting hold of something which even weeks ago would have cost far more or was far too expensive.

So the message here is to keep an eye on those exchange rates and UK listings. You never know, you may just pick up a bargain.

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