The Brits Remind us of The 12 Things You Need To know To Drive A Muscle Car

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With the newly released version of the right-hand drive Ford Mustang in the UK, the Brits remind everybody why it is so special to own a new model of muscle car.

We don’t want to spoil things by reminding everybody that strictly Mustangs are pony car(oops, we did), but with so little new muscle cars around these days, we let the modern definition slip.

The Metro lists the 12 things you need to know to drive a muscle car or at least, why you should own one.
For starters, you know this is going to be positive when they say, ‘it is one sexy, sexy beast.’ Like the rest of the world, the U.K.’s been pushed to have cars with increasingly small engines with a more sedate driving experience, so the Mustang is literally a breath of fresh air.

So here are the 12 points that make the model Mustang so appealing –

1. Every traffic light is a starting grid.
2. The roar is addictive.
3. Every road becomes Route 66.
4. Grown men turn into little boys.
5. You’re in an elite club.
6. White van men hate you.
7. Boy racers aren’t fans either.
8. Your car photographs well from every angle.
9. (following on from number 8) Even the dead flies on the bumper photograph well.
10. Speed bumps were sent by the devil himself
11. Narrow gaps are a terrifying prospect
12. You don’t want to let go of it

Just like everyone else, the UK simply ‘gets’ the new Mustang. It’s loud, brash and unapologetic, exactly as it should be.
Please form an orderly queue if you would like to purchase one, sir.

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