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Bel Airs: Almost The Perfect Car.

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By Mark Weisseg

This is a car I spotted at the Vegas museum. You’ve seen these Bel Airs everywhere throughout the years and for good reason.
The car, like the ’57 Chevrolet, had all the makings of stardom from day one. This drop top is a beautiful car and as we studied this car closely, I remarked how nice it would be to be driving down any road at that moment with the top down. Whether a six cylinder or other this car was a driver. It is hard to find fault in this car and I don’t think anyone is looking.

This car is in great numbers at the car shows and on the streets. I am kind of surprised that so many are still with us. I have given some thought to buying one as last year we had one for sale here. It needed a bit of work but overall it was in good shape. It was an older man that owned it and I believe he felt his time had come to pass on his pride and joy. I was very tempted to add it to the stable but at the time I just purchased a Model A.

But let me go back to this beautiful car. Clearly you see more hard tops as they sold more new, so when you see a convertible you must take notice and we did take notice. The gentleman I was with had at least twenty years on me and said he owned several of these back in the day.
He found them to be trouble free and easy to drive. That is why he bought more than one. However, he never thought this car would become such a red hot classic. That is an age old problem for all of us in this hobby. What is the next classic? I honestly believe it is much harder today as many cars look the same. Back in those days a Chevy was a Chevy. You might think a car like the new Focus RS may some day be a classic and it does have the bones. But, it is anyone’s guess what it may be other than a Hellcat or a Mustang GT350R.

I am thrilled for theses Chevys and even though there are many around each one is special in its own way. It brings back an easier way of life for so many and reminds us that we can work on a car not loaded with sensors and computers. However, as far as safety is concerned, cars of that era were like ramming two bricks together and watching them break apart. If you decide to own one of these classics and resto mod one please be sure you add some safety features as the life you save may be yours and mine.

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