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A Barn Find At Barrett Jackson

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By Mark Weisseg

Yes even at Barrett Jackson the barn finds are in full force. Take a peek at this 1967 GT350. The owners left it as they found it. No wash and wax, no detail, just pure barn find. Now, lets review barn finds in general, most are really a garage find. I saw at least five of these types while at Barretts. One was a Dodge Charger that was sitting in a garage near Cleveland, Ohio. It had 91k on the odometer oh, did I mention it had a Hemi engine.

So, barn finds, garage finds or whatever you like to call them are out there in full force yet. Trust me. I know of two right within twenty five miles of my house and I and working to land one of them. If you want to hit the way back machine I have news for you. I just bought a real barn find with the hay still on it. It was parked in 1977 and discovered in 2014. It took me over a year to get my hands on this car.


I will tell you what type and kind another day. My point is what you suspected. The cars are out there. It’s up to you to search, dig, ask, probe and more if you really want to find them. This will be my third barn/garage find since 2013. You can do it too. Now, if you live in the heart of New York City your task is tougher, but not impossible. You just need to spread your wings and start networking like crazy. The stories you will hear as to why someone parked a car long ago are amazing. So, open your eyes and ears and get going and you too may find a treasure.

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