Aussie Ford XY Drifter Proves Its worth.

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James Mackie has a fine bit of Aussie muscle in the shape of a Ford XY.
The car has gone from a six cylinder to a LS V8, breaking the usual Holden versus Ford rules and instead, working with the whatever is the best and melding that together.

GM 346cu./5.7L LS engine, T56 transmission with Rip shifter, baffled sump, VCM3 camshaft, making 360hp to the wheels and 12.2 seconds at 113mph.

Sacrilege to some, but why not pick the best from any maker to produce the best drift machine you can.

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Aussie Ford XY Drifter Proves Its worth., 5.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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