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Are Tribute Cars Worth The Money?

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Are Tribute Cars Worth The Money?

If my grandpa was alive today, he would probably answer the question with something sarcastic along the lines of, ‘how long is a piece of string?’
But he would be correct, as it is really down to who has made the tribute, what’s in it and how much someone is willing to pay for it.

Tribute cars can easily be written off as not being the real thing, a facsimile of the original, etc., but many times a tribute can be better than the original.
Tribute cars are a bit like tribute bands. A tribute band will rehearse their chosen bands set in and out until it is perfect. I’ve heard tribute bands play the songs, look and sound better than the original acts.
But no matter how good the tribute band comes across, they will never be the original. A negative point.
But if you’ve never had a chance to see the original band, than a brilliant tribute band can be just as good, sometimes even better.

So, daft analogies over with, a tribute car should be evaluated on its own merits.
You can think of certain cars that are tributes as more like resto mods. A car that is made to look like a rare classic and also features all modern parts, usually the very best parts.
An all original tribute will try to make a base model just like a rare optioned car in every way like the original. It just won’t be the original.

Take a look at these two car below. On the surface, tribute cars for sale on eBay. They are both dripping in expensive parts and really the only downside you can say is they are not originals, but are they better than the original? That decision can be very subjective.
That is really down to your own research, wants and needs from a car.

Just remember, tribute bands(cars) can be as good as the original, it just depends on how precious you are about owning an original.

1967 Ford Mustang Snake GT500

1970 Plymouth Barracuda HEMI

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