Are Hot Hatches Europe’s Muscle Cars?

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Being the European contingent in the team here, this video got me pondering more than most.
The question of are hot hatches today’s European muscle cars was quite perplexing.

With the release of the new Mustang in Europe in right-hand drive, Europe is only now getting a car from muscle car heritage exactly built for the European roads, so comparisons are going to start to arise.

This is really just arguing over terminology and semantics, but Europe has really never had its own ‘muscle car.’ There are models implied or given the moniker, but not a true dedicated muscle car in a true American sense.
The Ford Capri in the 70’s and 80’s was never referred to as a muscle car at the time, although it is probably the nearest with its body styling. Hot hatches and muscle cars both have similarities in being affordable, performance vehicles which begged to be upgraded, but they are two different entities.

Hot hatches suit the ethos of Europe for a smaller sized engine and car ( this goes back to higher fuel costs from day one in Europe, meaning generally smaller engines, so smaller cars), which then follows on the mindset of squeezing the most you can out of whatever engine you have, thus the hot hatchback.

Which really means a hot hatchback and the muscle car are just two separate entities, with two ways of thinking.
The comparison and the video is also about a hot hatch and the Mustang, which you could argue is a pony car, not a pure muscle car, but the point is there.
It’s the ‘V’ engine versus the four-cylinder thing. Both are good at what they do, but give me the roar of the V8 and muscle car heritage any day.

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