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Are Dodge Demon Owners Pi**ed At The New Redeye?

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By Dave Ashton

Since the news that Dodge are going to release a version of the Hellcat called the Redeye with many of the goodies found on the Demon, present Demon owners maybe thinking that their limited edition rides are less exclusive than they originally thought? Will it affect their value? Why does the Redeye get two scoops with sprinkles and the Demon one?(terrible ice cream analogy there…..)

Let’s check out the 797 horsepower SRT Hellcat Redeye vs. 808hp Demon, both on pump gas. Firstly, the Demon will always be limited to 3,300. Examples are already popping up for sale well above the initial ticket price, with one or two asking cheeky sky high prices just to see if someone will bite. The Redeye will always be a Hellcat in body and soul, not limited edition and this is the big difference. The Demon isn’t even comparable to the GT500 or ZL1. The numbered, limited factor of all Demons is what counts here.

The huge single hood scoop on the Demon is its main identifier. Clearly, all the Challengers look similar, but it’s those hood scoops that make them standout. Otherwise you could just go buy a straight up Hellcat and have the same external looks. The Demon hood isn’t even an option on the rest of the range, which is a good thing.

The Redeye does share the same 6.2-liter V8 engine and 2.7-liter supercharger, but it has 797Hp not 808hp as per the Demon. As price points go, it’s probably only regular Hellcats that would depreciate a little in value as people’s focus goes to the Redeye. The Demon will also probably only be taken out on special occasions. Any Hellcat can be used as a daily driver and customised to your hearts content. Tons of power, tons of fun, which you can use every day.

The price of the Redeye maybe around $69,650, while the Demon cost $84,995. Both are loads of horsepower for the money. If you paid well over the sticker price for a Demon, you may have to wait a while for the value to appreciate, but the good news is it always will.

Dodge want to also clearly give non-Demon owners a sense of its power and features, so why not drop some of its attributes into the Hellcat? Personally, Dodge should stick the Hellcat engine into everything that has four wheels, but this may water down its exclusivity a bit too much.

The main takeaway is that new models and features will be coming out all the time. Drive and enjoy what you have now. If you have something that’s limited numbers, it will always stay that way, even if its influence spreads to the rest of the range. Used Hellcats can be got for under $50,000 and for that much horsepower its great value. The Hellcat in all its forms, will always be a head turner as will the Demon. So fret not Demon owners and revel in the fact that you still have one of the most potent muscle cars around.

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