American Car Buyers Are Selling Their Hybrids For Gas Power.

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It almost seems out of place talking about electric or hybrid vehicles on a muscle car website. However, it seems these type of vehicles are here to stay, but it’s not all plain sailing for this new breed of car.

A study by Edmunds , says American consumers are trading in their electric cars for gas powered alternatives. In total, 75% of electric car owners are now moving back to their gas powered equivalents.
As gas prices fall, Americans seems to be going back to the pumps. This almost indicates that given the choice, a gas powered car is usually the preference.

Science has proven we need to cut back on our reliance on fossil fuels, but that doesn’t mean the stuff needs to go away completely. In truth, industry has the bigger part to play, but that’s another story.
The Edmunds report also shows that 33.8% of hybrid and electric trade-ins are for SUV’s and the like, which can do is little as 12 mpg. The individual reasons are unclear, but we can only go off the end results some people are voting with their purchases, gas powered vehicles.

As we move forward, hybrids and electric vehicles are going to become more and more popular, but that doesn’t mean the death throes for muscle cars and the like or even the gas powered car.
Personally, it will probably mean cars like a Dodge Challenger Hellcat will be limited to a certain amount of mileage per year, or a limited use vehicle, but they will not go away completely.

Either way, we are years off gas powered cars disappearing from our streets. We are in a long changeover phase and for electric to work, the whole country’s infrastructure of refuelling needs to be rethought and for the foreseeable future, you cannot beat gas for the convenience and we humans love convenience…..and a bit of muscle car power.

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