Actual Tuners vs. Ricers

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Actual Tuners vs. Ricers


Definition: tuner – ‘tju?n?/ – noun – “this person does performance mods before appearance mods, unlike the ricer.” Which are you?

Could this be the ultimate Youtube video? All the ingredients you need, fast cars tuned by knowledgeable, car addicted, passionate, hardworking enthusiasts and, well….everyone else….!
Its even has a ‘Hoff’ montage!

But seriously, I’ve never really understood the mindset of wanting to make your ride look amazing, without the same level or attention to detail under the hood.
This is why a ‘sleeper’ car has always been a great thing. The idea of a seemingly understated but powerful machine. Something you look at where you know there is potentially something exciting under the hood, but you’re not quite sure.

So, here is a great car ‘Hack’ from J-Roc from the Trailer Park Boys on how to build the ultimate spoiler.
Hockey sticks, a piece of wood = Scrilla!
(Caution: strong language and ‘t,t,t,t,tight’ car mods. in this video, not advisable for minors.)

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