Abounded Muscle Cars In Dubai

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By Dave Ashton

If you have never come across anything about abandoned vehicles in Dubai before, the video below will seem pretty amazing. Loads of expensive vehicles just left to gather dust. The majority of the videos you will see on the subject usually feature supercars and the like, but the one below has a sprinkling of vintage and new muscle cars, showing that if you look hard enough, there’s a selection of every type of vehicle imaginable here.

But why would a country like this have such an amount of abandoned, expensive vehicles? There are a variety of reasons from people leaving the country due to debt, confiscated vehicles due to fines mounting up to more than the worth of the car or simply damaged and abandoned.

If the lightbulbs are starting to go off in your head of how you can get hold of a few of these cars, it’s not as simple as popping over there and getting one imported. Most of the vehicles are in police inpounds. To buy one of the vehicles all the cases and debt need to be dismissed against the owner and if the car is not claimed it will then go into an auction. Since this has been a thing, there are many car flippers and dealers queueing up looking for a bargain, who specialise in this area. There is also the hassle of importing it to another part of the world on top of things like emissions to the country of import.

On the surface this may seem like a goldmine of cars, but the complications outweigh the benefits. Still, its nice to daydream that there is the possibility of a rare Hemi ‘Cuda in the desert just waiting to be found and picked up.

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