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A New Dodge Viper for 2020?

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By Dave Ashton

Just like when Superman was first killed off, everyone thought that’s the end of that only to be resurrected a few editions later, the same is apparently happening to the Dodge Viper. Just like the man of steel, the Dodge Viper was first seen as an immensely powerful and potent entity, but needed to go away for a bit for everyone to realize how great it originally was and hopefully come back stronger than ever.

If the Viper resurrection is going to turn into reality is still more in the rumor mill than anything, but according to some more verified outlets Fiat Chrysler may bring the snake back to match up against the Chevrolet Corvette and are very interested in the idea. The idea is to have a vehicle that covers the whole range, with a base model matching up to a basic Corvette, the top end to match the previous ACR and have a track car that can compete in the likes of the Le Man. Basically, a car that you use every day up to full-blown racer.

The front engine, rear wheel drive setup will stay with plenty of aluminium and carbon fiber just without the past V10 engine, along with a more up-to-date independent suspension system. If a full range of Vipers is going to be on offer, the power output may well go from a base 550 hp to a 426ci. supercharged 700 hp+. As the next generation of hellcat engine may very well have forced-induction, this could also be on the cards for the Viper. Manual or automatic transmissions maybe both an option. The raw driving experience of the latter-day Viper will be replaced with a more refined, up-to-date driving experience.

There are predictions that the new Viper could be first presented at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show, marking the 30th anniversary of the Dodge Viper first hatching, with a possible release date of 2020 or 2021.

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