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A Dodge Charger with a Slant Six??

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By Mark Weisseg

I had my lunch handed to me on Saturday by a Mopar expert. Here is what I learned.

I found out that The Dodge Charger came with a 225 slant six and get this, a three speed on the column. I had never heard of one and did not believe the source until he proved it to me.

It turns out Dodge made about 50 of these Chargers with the slant six engine and the three on the tree. We all knew you could buy a 318 V8 and then work your way up the engine family tree for more power and speed but a slant six? Gadzooks. In my humble opinion the slant six is the best engine ever produced by Chrysler. They would run like a Swiss watch forever if you did the basic maintenance.
The power was never smoke the tires fast and obviously not a V8 but, I had several Chrysler products with that slant six and it was a runner, always had an automatic transmission behind it.

So, when I saw someone mention he had one of these rare Chargers I called him out nicely. I asked him for details and pictures as well as data to prove he just did not swap it in. The guy was as nice as can be and he proved it. Now, one of his Facebook friends got nasty with me for being so stupid but I honest to gosh had no idea. A Dodge Charger with a slant six and a three speed on the column?

I was stunned as I never, ever heard of such a thing and obviously never saw one. So, I know of another Mopar expert who writes books and such about old Mopar’s and sent him a note. Yep, they did, and yep they are rare. It’s hard to wrap my brain around a Charger with that set up but it did exist.

So now I am on a new mission to find more. The numbers were so small back then but you have to think there is at least one to ten more out there. Maybe more?
The moral, no matter how much knowledge we have, there is always something more to learn, one more surprise moment, which is why this hobby of muscle cars is endlessly fascinating. A breed of cars that will always bring up surprises.

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