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A 1976 Ford Maverick Re-Build By Charles Lanman

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‘Here is my 1976 Ford Maverick going through a rebuild soon. I am currently building a 302 from a 1969 block from a Torino for the car.’

‘So far I have had it for 11 years. I got it for free because my friend couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t charging up. I got it home and found out it was 1 wire. This was my first car and i have held onto it since, hoping that some day I could have the finances to restore it and it’s happening this year.
‘It has the straight six 250 engine, which has over 400k miles on it and it still fires up and drives. Starts with a screw driver. It’s just getting tired.’
‘It’s just been a life long goal to restore this excellently built piece of American craftsmanship. They don’t ever get alot of attention and I hope to change that some day.’

‘I’m shooting for 350 – 400hp. Block has been bored +.060 over, and I’m going with the stock crank. Still figuring out what I want for the rest of it.’


By Charles Lanman

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