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6.2 Hemi Hellcat Engine And Transmission for sale

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By Dave Ashton


The FCA announced late last year that you can buy an aftermarket 707-HP Hellcat crate engine for $18,530 and $2,195 for the required engine kit. All well and good if you want to retrofit a car with the mighty Hellcat powertrain, but what if your budget doesn’t stretch that far? Luckily, there are options from used or salvaged vehicles if you don’t mind the engine having done a few miles.

The listing here is for a 6.2 Hemi Hellcat engine And transmission which has done 10k miles. No other details with the listing, so you will have to enquire to see what other exact ‘bits’ come with the sale. The advantage here is that you’re getting a transmission with the engine and some other parts for $12k, saving you the hassle of sourcing a separate transmission, which is going to be pricey in itself. But what if you just want an engine on its own? There are still other options if you dig deep enough.

Mopar Pro Shop are selling a new engine for $15,997.00 with supercharger to oil pan, but with no FEAD equipment. Thats for the engine on its own. have one for $13,900.00 for the base crate engine only.

Cleveland Power & Performance sell wrecked Hellcats and drivelines. They didn’t have any Hellcat engines and transmissions in at the time of looking, but they did have a few fully wrecked Hellcats for sale, along with a few Hemi powertrains complete if you wanted some other options.

If you’re after a Hellcat engine setup, like any replacement engine its usually down to if you want the peace of mind of a brand-new crate engine with warranty or don’t mind gambling a bit with a used version. Price is usually are the dictating factor here and bottom line for most people, but with the Hellcat having a few years under its belt, there are now more options than ever for a Hellcat engine setup as long as you’re prepared to shop around.


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