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5 Under Valued Muscle Cars

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The muscle car market like any other, usually has its most expensive examples based on rarity, exclusivity and what are the most popular at the time.
However, some examples always slip through the net which are equally as rare, just not as fashionable to collect.

Below we have some examples of under valued muscle cars which can be just as rare, as much fun to drive as their more expensive counterparts and at a fraction of the price.

Mercury Cyclone Spoiler
Produced between 1970 – 1971 the Mercury Cyclone had a 428ci. V8 engine, with an optional Super Cobra Jet 429ci. engine.
The problem with the car was that it was a Mercury, overshadowed by the rest of the Ford line and the front-end of the car looked too convoluted for the day.
If you can live with the looks of the front end, you will have a rather tasty muscle car, with a topline Ford engine for a fraction of the price of its contemporaries.

Dodge Dart

From 1968 to 1976, the Dodge Dart came in some cool packages. Shame the modern version couldn’t do the same.
The Swinger, Demon, Sport 340 and a Hemi Dart which are now super rare with high prices, were the fun packages of the time.
Today, you can pick up a great example of a Dodge Dart Swinger with a 340 wedge engine for around $22,000 or Dodge Dart Demon with a 340ci. engine for not much more.

Mercury Marauder

Between 1964 to 1965 and 1969 to 1970, the Mercury Marauder had more of a cruiser attitude, with some nice engines.
while most pristine examples with the best engines are ultra-rare and cost, you can still find early 60’s examples with a 390 V8 in the mid $20,000 bracket.

Buick Wildcat

The Wildcat began as an option for the 1962 Invicta and became its own model from 1962 to 1970 with a 401ci. or a 425ci. V8 engine. The second-generation engines went from a 425CID to a 455 CID V8.
Wildcats are becoming super rare, but they can still be found online for reasonable money.

AMC Javelin

AMC are one of those muscle car makes that are often overlooked. However, AMC fans know that examples like the Javelin and AMX models were fun muscle cars.
Manufactured between 1968-1970 and 1971-1974, you could get a 401 ci. V8 in the second generation Javelin, along with the ‘Go package’ for the most fun.
Like the rest of the muscle car pack, stick with late 60s and 1970 examples.

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