5 Muscle Car Deals Of The Year

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The appeal and attraction of a modern-day muscle car is more enticing than it has ever been.
The roar of a V8, now along with other engine variants, makes the modern muscle car appealing to a broader market.

This rundown from USA news gives the best car sales deals on the market at the moment.
These include 0% interest, bonus cash offers and annual lease payments.
Like any deal and comparisons of this nature, use them as a starting point and then shop around for the best deals.

Ford Mustang Financing Offers

The Mustang is doing extremely well in sales, both at home and abroad, which means there are loads of financing options available.
0% financing voer three years from this April for 2015 models, along with five-year deals with $500 cash back.
If you would like the 2016 V6 version of the Mustang you can lease the car from this April, from $259 a month for three years with $2,649 at signing, dependent on location. This is only available on the V6 Mustang models.

Chevrolet Camaro Financing Offers

The Camaro is coming out with ever better versions of its vehicles and now has a 2.9% finance deal over five years for the 2016 Camaro model.
Said to be not as good as the Ford and Dodge deals, the Camaros are in high demand and the offer may be better than from private lenders.
Leasing a 2016 Camaro starts at $259 a month over 39 months with $3,559 when signing up. This is only for the base model with the four-cylinder turbocharged engine.

Dodge Challenger Financing Offers

You can get your hands on a 2016 Dodge Challenger in V6 and R/T models with 0.9% financing for three years with a $2,750 cash back.
The Cashback offer is the winner here, when compared to the leader here with the Ford Mustang.
Leasing deals on the 2016 Dodge Challenger V-6 coming out at $129 a month over two years with $2,999 at signing. The R/T V8 version is available for $289 over 3 years and $2,999 at signing. This is the cheapest lease deal out of the bunch, along with a great option for the V8 Challenger.

Dodge Charger Financing Offers

The 2016 Dodge Charger V6 and R/T models come with 0% financing for four years and $1,500 cash back. One of the best out there.
You can get the 707 hp Hellcat Model, but expect a 3.84% interest rate, if you can get one.
The V6 version of the Charger can be leased for as little as $219 a month for 3 years with $3,599 when signing up. The Charger R/T V8 version is available for $329 a month for three years, with $2999 at signing.

Cadillac ATS-V Financing Offers

Not really thought of in the muscle car department, but with the 464HP engine, it can hold its own, not just against its other muscle car brethren, but also against its competitors.

The 2016 Cadillac ATS-V sedan is available with 0% financing for five years. Leasing from the same model comes in at $569 per month for 3 years with $4,719 when signing up. The coupe costs a little more at $589 a month for 3 years with $4,909 at signing.

Always check your local listings and dealer prices for the latest and most up-to-date figures.

Original article USA News.

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