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5 Ford Mustang Concept Cars You Have Never Seen

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Concept or prototype cars will always be those vehicles that could have, should have been, but were just part of the progression to the final production model.
Most look very quirky, but it’s interesting to look back at the steps to the great cars we now take for granted.

1961 Avventura

A range of designs were tried out by Ford engineers between 1961 and 1962, based on the new Falcon compact. Each design was given its own specific name, with the Avventura eventually morphing into the Avanti, then the Allegro.

The unique concept here was the fastback, hatchback and rear facing second row of seats. Although the rear facing seats idea never went into production, the styling was adopted for the later Mustang.

1962 Allegro Concept

Although the Allegro differs visually from the 1965 production Mustang, it gave the basic layout of the Mustang yet to come. Long hood, short deck layout and changes here and there, brought out on the later Mustang.

1966 Mach 1 concept

As the pony car moved to a big block muscle car, The Mach I was etched out as a concept for the 1968 year.
Inspiration came from the 1963 Mustang II, as a two seater fastback and chopped roof.
The design moved on in 1967 to the Mach II concept, but this version never really made it past the test circuit.

1970 Ford Mustang Milano Concept

This Ultra Violet coupe was first shown at the Chicago auto show for possible production in 1971.
The car was a two seater, influenced by the 1970 Mustang sports roof. NACA style ducts, color changing tail lamps and a futuristic design, helped influence the ’71 Mustang and the Australian ’74 Falcon XB Coupe.

1980 Mustang RSX concept

The brainchild of the Italian Ghia design studio, the RSX was proposed to be a rally car based on the new Ford Fox body.
The RSX had a 1 inch wider track and 5.6 inch shorter wheelbase than the production Mustang.

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